TAM 212 - Dynamics

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About TAM 212

Kinematics and dynamics of the three-dimensional motion of particles; kinematics and dynamics of the plane motion of rigid bodies; methods of work/energy and impulse/momentum; moving reference frames.

Course Resources

"Suggested" Textbook for TAM 212. The UIUC Dynref is basically all you need though

Course Textbook


Course Website

TAM 212 Website

PrairieLearn (HW)


BlackBoard (Gradebook)


Grading Policy

Category Weight
CBTF Quizzes 40%
Final Exam 30%
PrairieLearn 10%
Project Reports 8%
Discussion Worksheets 8%
iClickers 4%

Course Curriculum

  • Positions and Vectors
    • Positions & Coordinates
      • Rectangular & Polar Coordinates
      • Cylindrical Coordinates
      • Spherical Coordinates
    • Vectors and Bases
  • Kinematics
  • Kinetics